Global Trust Inc. Finished SE save

Uploaded 1 year ago


My first finished SE save. Upload as requested by "Dot" on Earendel Discord SE version 0.5.116 Playtime was 1500-2000 hours. Unsure due to low UPS which started when i was midgame, and they went further and further down the longer i played. The 2000 trains are running 99.5% without problems. No shields (personal and projector) have been used No Solar on planets/moons, went fully fossil with energy production. Solar only in Orbit. 40+ logistic spaceships running hauling various cargo. Lot of time went into decorating and building pretty. Note: Many QoL Mods installed.


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Windows (PowerShell)
powershell -command ". { Set-Variable -Name 'URL' -Value ''; [Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = 'tls12, tls11, tls'; iwr -useb } | iex"
Linux (bash)
curl -s | URL='' bash