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Stevetrov's monolithic 10k train megabase
Uploaded 4 months ago

Stevetrov's 10k belt megabase
Uploaded 4 months ago

Phoenix27833 5000spm=61x82spm belts
Uploaded 4 months ago

author Phoenix27833 belts

Phoenix27833 5120spm=16x4x80spm from plate trains B12
Uploaded 4 months ago

author Phoenix27833, author of smelting flame_Sla ( ore by train, smelting B12 )

Besenovsky Pajzel
Uploaded 3 months ago

Huge map (13300x7400 tiles) with inefficient production ranged from 2,4 up to 4K SPM.

Uploaded 2 months ago


Uploaded 2 months ago


KnightElite's 2500SPM Rail Grid Megabase
Uploaded 1 month ago

- Uses Priority Queue Request System (PQRS) by u/Quazarz_ to manage trains. See for info. - More than 750 trains - More than 50 hours of run time at 2500 SPM - Base is (mostly) split into 3x3 "superblocks" containing 3 grid squares each, which are their own logistics networks. Center block of each square contains stations for providing components to build the factory, as well as train fuel and a transit station that summons a train to that spot when standing next to it. Logistics networks are only used for train fueling and construction, base is all trains and conveyor belts for the actual factories.

Uploaded 1 month ago

another base

flame_Sla 10k - 10x1000spm Belt Module
Uploaded 9 hours ago

Based on