1000X research cost AKA low tech megabase

Uploaded 1 year ago


I decided to do a 1000x research cost game. It was a fun experience, took just over 100h to complete with not much AFK but relaxed. No biters to worry about, ores maxed density and size but decreased frequency. The base produces just over 1K SPM (900 SPM wo buffers) and doesnt use any entities that require more than red/green tech other than a few electric furnaces and construction bots. Ie all assembler 1&2, only T1 modules (and not many of those!) only red belts, no inserter upgrades, no bot upgrades, no logistics bots.


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Windows (PowerShell)
powershell -command ". { Set-Variable -Name 'URL' -Value 'https://factoriobox.1au.us/map/download/e752be9eade5aa80de908f825382e3bd98e0d29a4c7ffa07a7c0071f92ac39ad.zip'; [Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = 'tls12, tls11, tls'; iwr -useb https://factoriobox.1au.us/scripts/benchmark.ps1 } | iex"
Linux (bash)
curl -s https://factoriobox.1au.us/scripts/benchmark.sh | URL='https://factoriobox.1au.us/map/download/e752be9eade5aa80de908f825382e3bd98e0d29a4c7ffa07a7c0071f92ac39ad.zip' bash