Warger's 100% Map - Max CPU stress

Uploaded 1 year ago


The 100% 6:28:37 WR speedrun map modified to have max stress on the CPU and RAM (nothing is cut, 1 extra outpost is completed and research is going, power is at 15.4 GW/15.9GW, GC production is about 380k GC/min). This is what to expect in a perfect scenario.


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Windows (PowerShell)
powershell -command ". { Set-Variable -Name 'URL' -Value 'https://factoriobox.1au.us/map/download/f23a519e48588e2a20961598cd337531eb4bf54e976034277c138cb156265442.zip'; [Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = 'tls12, tls11, tls'; iwr -useb https://factoriobox.1au.us/scripts/benchmark.ps1 } | iex"
Linux (bash)
curl -s https://factoriobox.1au.us/scripts/benchmark.sh | URL='https://factoriobox.1au.us/map/download/f23a519e48588e2a20961598cd337531eb4bf54e976034277c138cb156265442.zip' bash